• Qinshan NPP: China’s first indigenous nuclear power plant

    Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), located in Zhejiang province, was China’s first NPP and was entirely designed and built using Chinese technology. Operated by Qinshan Nuclear Power Company, a CNNC subsidiary, it has boosted the economy of the town and serves as an example of China’s progress in developing its nuclear power industry.

  • CNNC’s two new nuclear units approved in Fujian

    CNNC’s new nuclear power project in Zhangzhou city, Southeast China’s Fujian province, was authorized by the National Energy Administration, according to an announcement by China National Nuclear Power Co, a subsidiary of CNNC, on July 26.

  • CNNC president attends session of China-Russia Regular Prime Ministers’ Meeting

    CNNC President Gu Jun attended the 23rd session of the sub-committee on nuclear issues of the China-Russia Regular Prime Ministers’ Meeting in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, on July 19.


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